Meet The Breeds

For the 2003 AKC Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show, the Cairn Terrier Club of So. California was given the job of constructing a Cairn Booth for Meet The Breeds competition.  There were over 170 breeds represented and each is invited to put up a booth.
The booths are in a 10'x10 space with only a table and two chairs provided.  Use your own imagination but make it entertaining and informational about your breed.
Awards are given to the top three breeds of the normal groups, Sporting, Hunting, Terrier etc.
The BOS from the winning booths earns $500 for the sponsoring club.

AKC SPACE.JPG (7897 bytes) AKC STUFF.JPG (41497 bytes) AKC Carol.JPG (39522 bytes) AKC Start.JPG (40482 bytes)
In The Beginning Let it begin. Design Staff  wondering how she got this job. The backdrop is in place
AKC tv.JPG (42722 bytes) AKC Croft-Stony.JPG (40260 bytes) akc Info.JPG (42187 bytes) AKC Croft-Stony.JPG (40260 bytes)
Opening visuals, the Wizard of Oz. What else would you expect? The Crofter's Cottage The Educational stuff Cairncroft & Cairn
AKC Hollywood.JPG (65880 bytes) AKC Staff.JPG (51118 bytes) AKC Ms Marple.JPG (41388 bytes) akc Big Dog 1.JPG (46690 bytes)
The Oz side Open for business Ms Marple tending Cairncroft AKC Mascot Barney stops by for a visit
akc Big dog 2.JPG (180242 bytes) AKC Duffy Eyes.JPG (39669 bytes) AKC Duff Scores.JPG (39468 bytes) AKC Crofters.JPG (43963 bytes)
More Barney (AKA Karen Smith) Duffy at work eyeing his target. Duffy Scores Cairn Crofters
akc Elf.jpeg (21802 bytes) whatsquickroutetokansas.jpg (62689 bytes) muchkinanyone.jpg (26019 bytes)

Who's that laughing at me?

Ribbon.JPG (84412 bytes)
The Giant Munchin at work while Flana nods off.  It was a very long day for the dogs. All heavy lifting and installation done by the Giant Munchin,


All Design Elements created & constructed by Carol Roemer


One More item,, the booth won 2nd place in the Terrier Group.


Dedicated to Duffy who spent almost the entire day greeting all who stopped by and even finding time late in the day to give Ron Reagan a lick during our interview.  Got to love a Cairn who stays the course.

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