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With all things there comes change.  This is where I will be adding helpful items and details as they are suggested by my panel of expert Earthdog people. Most of them have Master Earthdogs or a dog with many many attempts at a certain level.  They have lived it. However, I will take suggestions from anyone so click on the mailbox icon if you want to offer any.

Fees:   The clubs set the fees to meet expenses and maybe generate a little income.  Compared to other AKC fees they are not excessive.  In fact clubs pay AKC per-dog fees in Earthdog that are higher than is paid for Conformation events.  With that in mind, read the Premium carefully to see if fees are refundable.  Personally, if I can't make I just write it off and let club have the money.  

Remember that Earthdog events are held in unimproved areas, preferably in a wild area.  
Make sure your dog is up to date on it's tick medication.  There are plenty brands out there, I prefer Frontline since it gets fleas along with the ticks and reduces medicaions.  Use something.

Foxtails can be a major problem for dogs.  Although Test Chairs try to pick an area clean of them, they are endemic in California, Earthdog sites are rarely perfectly clean of them.  The same goes for some of the other noxious plants with barbs.  And there are the ants.  I know of no Fire Ants at the sites we use but the others sting too.  Once your run is done for the day it is a good idea to give your dog a once-over looking for problems.  

At this time we have avoided poison ivy at the sites we use but be on the look out for it anytime you are doing Earthdog in the wild areas.

We could go up in the hills and try this but there you could run into rattlesnakes, mountain lions and coyotes, the intent is for the dogs to have fun, not endanger them..  

It really is not all that dangerous but be aware that Tests are not held in pristine vermin-varmint-evil weed free areas.

These evils are a good reason to have your own doggie First Aid kid.  Great Western Terrier Assn. has one in at all of it's tests but your dog may complain after you have left the site.

Remember this always:  Earthdog is about the dog, not about you. 
Remember that and you and your little buddy will have a whole lot more fun.

This page was last updated on 07/12/10.
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