His People

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The Big Guy is thrilled to have such a Babe Magnet
when he strolls The Strand Along the Beach.

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Ms Flana, TBG, Murphy, Riley and Moi   Declan, The Clan Show Boy Grannie, Flana & I share a nap. Grannie when she was awake and partying at her grandson, Pat's wedding.  Grannie turns 90 in '03 but still enjoys a party. Slainte!!
Himself at the same party and a wee tot of Single malt.  Must be the party genes . 

And here are some of the passers-through at the Broderick Rescue House in Pleasanton

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Bonnie who was there the longest & almost a family member.    

Polly who just  found her forever home. 

 Butch (almost a clone of Riley)  Lives in Sylmar

Lucky is a traveler & a 16-wheeler  guard dog

 Sammie lives in Pleasanton & comes by often, a little fatter  & much better hair

And there have been many, many more, including Stony who did not say much and may still be there guarding the front door.
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