His Younger Years

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Moi, at 4 months old, with The Teddy sharing an x-pen. That day I was to move 
on to a new home and Teddy started his run at 16 BIS!!  A great day indeed.

DAY1.JPG (91102 bytes)

The Big Guy meets Me, Day One, let the games begin! 
(Notice how I already pay attention to him.)

HOME.JPG (48202 bytes)

It was a very long way home on a hot day,
but Hey, it's My home.  Arooo Arooo.  ZZZZZzzzz..

My Tail, where and when and why I got here.  Click here.

Cairn Coat of Many Colors
DuffHead.jpg (4242 bytes)
Look at my first day pictures above and look at me at 6 years old.
I am a Cairn Changeling.  Some of us change colors all our lives.
It does make things interesting. Once I was a simple red brindle with bit of a black mask. Now I am black, brown, red, mahogany and with a delicate touch of gray.

His Tail

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