One Foine Day On Bethel Island

Way out the in Delta, there is a place called Bethel Island.  It is here the John Gennrich put out the call.  There was to be a gathering of Earthe Dogges to come and play.   And come the did in the year of '03 at the end of March after the Ides and before the Springing of the year.

They all came, the Cairns, Silkies, Belingtons, Norwiches, Foxes, Glens and even a mini-bull. It was a foine day for a bit of rat-ting.  The rookies, the pros and those looking for inspiration, all of the Earthe Dogges came to John's Place, the Bethel College of Eartheliness.

The College Dons gathered, Headmaster John & Dawn Gennrich, Tom & Marie Quarles, Terry & Sue Broderick , Katrina Sussmeir and sundry other volunteers.  They set the tunnels in the dark wet loam and set out the x-pens and assorted obstacles and spread toys about the land.  It was a most excellent training ground.

After a full day of training on Saturday, it was Sunday and time for the CTC-NC Earthdog Match.

Let the Games begin:   

This is Saturday Training Day The Sunrich Bethel Island ED College
Bethel Island ED College 4.jpg (37425 bytes) Bethel Island ED College 1.jpg (30811 bytes) Bethel Island ED College 2.jpg (32567 bytes) Bethel Island ED College 5.jpg (30865 bytes)
Perfesser John Gennrich welcoming the new students. If you look closely, you will parts of 1 Norwich, 1 - Glen, 1 - Bedlington, and 1 Silky.  Getting from the x-pen through a tunnel for a toy/treat. Finding other tunnel pieces to explore.   Dr. Marie Quarles just after she has given her Intro to the Rat Ring presentation
Bethel Island ED College 3.jpg (31252 bytes) Bethel Island ED College 6.jpg (30080 bytes) Bethel Island ED College 7.jpg (32246 bytes) Bethel Island ED College 8.jpg (31190 bytes)
Exploring the rat ring. Is there a live thing in there? A rat?


The students are lined up with their handlers waiting for their favorite part of the course, Real Rats 101. Real Rats 101, under the watchful eye of Dr. Marie, seems someone has lost a dog in a tunnel


The Perfesser keeps his eye on the students, after having dismissed a Golden who wanted to join the Westie and the Sm Fox at Advanced Tunnels
Sunday The Almost Real Thing CTC-NC Match Graduation Day
The Rileygator Riley1.JPG (50041 bytes) Riley2.JPG (67061 bytes) Riley3.JPG (49198 bytes)
Murphy Murph1.JPG (31593 bytes) Murph2.JPG (47316 bytes) Murph3.JPG (62320 bytes)
I spy a rattie hole! Murph4.JPG (61734 bytes) TerryPraying.JPG (43591 bytes) Thank you Lord for our dogges' success this foine day! And Extra Thanks for the Rileygator who just recalled in 1:29.
Declan Declan21.JPG (55674 bytes) Declan2.JPG (60633 bytes) Declan3.JPG (67102 bytes)
  More fun than the show ring & I passed Intro. Mama Sue is very thrilled (look to the left) Dad thinks it is one foine day too.
Caruso caruso.JPG (73391 bytes) Everybody sings
O solo rattio!!1 And Headmaster John G is happy to award his ribbon.
Caruso2.JPG (68378 bytes)

Just a few of the dogges who went to ground on at E-Camp & some the next day for the CTC-NC Match in the same area (but different tunnels, of course.) The Bethel Island Earthdog College has classes throughout the year.  Check the NorCal E-dog list * for announcements of up coming classes.  Some are small and fill quickly so don't hesitate.  You can also contact the Head Master, John Gennrich directly but clicking his name. 

(* You will need to join Yahoo groups to access this site)

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