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Auntie Em and I in The Wiz!   Flana was the Understudy   but  I never missed a performance.   Break a leg!

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The Cast of The Wiz

FLANA and I at the Beach with the Big Guy.  Life is good in Southern California.  Ever been to Good Stuff in Hermosa Beach?  Do you have any idea how many times we had to stop before the Live Strand Cam caught us

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I love Earthdog-ing but sometime you just don't want to come out.  If you wait long enough, the rats will come back.  Believe it.
  Flana and I after a hard day of Earthdog-ing.

Then there was the day Flana was kidnapped and put in the Opera.

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Cairn Hilda ready to perform. See her mighty spear in  her right "hand." The Queen was not entirely pleased

Zaftig all the way and looking for work at Hooters.

THE EXPATS..         
Some of my friends moved DOWN UNDER                The Man & Son  from New  Zealand

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AM & Aus CH. Rose Croft Duncan Maximus, now living in Australia and kicking Gluteus.  FIRST AMERICAN BORN AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION CAIRN
Ch. Wedigit Black Tie Affair. In his 3rd show, BOB, Group 1 and runner up to BIS.
Aus. & NZ Ch. Toledo Sam of Tentyne

Amer Ch. Trav,
Traveling Man of Tentyne
(Son of Sam)


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