Rainy Day in Sacramento

The Border Club of The Redwoods planned on a fine two day Earthdog Test in Sacramento, CA in mid April, '03.  They dug the holes, put in the liners, brought in the rats and got ready for some fun. But this year, the California Winter hung around a little longer than expected.  Winter in the flats of the Sacramento Valley means one thing, rain and then some more rain.  And with rain came the winds, it would be an interesting weekend.  The Northern California Terriers and Sacramento KC had a major conformation show going on inside the State Fairground building and that was not easy.  There was the pounding rain on the roof and mini-lakes to wade through to reach the rings.  It was not comfortable and that was for the guys on the inside.  Way out in a far corner of the show grounds,  below the level of the adjacent parking lots, huddled under a couple of tents and one small wooden building, the Earthdogs were gathered.  The handlers were easy to spot in their bright yellow and blue rain-suits.  The workers wore mud, so did the judges, stewards and rat wranglers.  This is how it looked on Saturday.

Sacro-GrifGO.JPG (79449 bytes) Sacro-Griff-IN.JPG (79798 bytes) Sacro-GrifRats.JPG (71754 bytes) Sacro-Grif-Ratz.JPG (77009 bytes)
Griffin does Intro. 
(Look between the bushes at an interested spectator)
Griffin finds the path to truth and ratz What are those things? I think I want need a snack.
Sacro-Border2.JPG (57664 bytes) Sacro-Border.JPG (57153 bytes) MVC-007S.JPG (39379 bytes) Sacro-Bull.JPG (55630 bytes)
Where are those ratz?
The judge must have them What?  Where? I know!
Sacro-Duff.JPG (615307 bytes) Sacro-WhereLS.JPG (636171 bytes) Sacro-MQ2.JPG (654439 bytes)
The Duff waits his turn. Where is that Little S***? Here, where no one can catch  him. Looks like Urchin Aced SE, again
Sacro-sanctuary.JPG (612507 bytes) Sacro-Tom1.JPG (46366 bytes) Sacro-Sealy.JPG (613825 bytes) Sacro-TomSealy.JPG (651748 bytes)
There was sanctuary for some. Some spent most of the day in the rain making sure the ratz were not drowning. Some were ready to go at any time. Is there a Sealy in there? (No, he left for dry land.)
Sacro-Tom2.JPG (54841 bytes) Sacro-TomA.JPG (624869 bytes) Sacro-TomB.JPG (635238 bytes) Sacro-end.JPG (669198 bytes)
Dog's going to drown! I've lost another dog in here! Look at the rain drops in the parking lot, the puddles are getting deeper! They are starting to bail out with shovels, I'm outa here.

Well, it was a bit more than wet.  It was very wet and often deep but some of us had fun.  Everything but JE went full term on Saturday.  Tunnels flooded overnight and the things did not bode well for the next day.  Somehow, they found some drier land on Sunday, dug one new tunnel for Intro, did the rest in the SE/ME tunnel and completed the Test with a smaller but more determined field.  A special congratulations to the Judy Smith, Test Chair and the rest of Border Terrier of the Redwoods for persevering in the face of major obstacles. Special mentions must be made of Judge Tom Quarles who spent a long time trying to make a very wet JE Test work for as many dogs as he could, a Norwich who did make it past the Big Deep to the Rats and a Glen that made a Tsumami as he backed out of the watery tunnel.

Anyone with more pictures is welcome to send them for further updates.)

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