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This is the page for the Mobil Duffy's Cavern, 
a Freedom Teardrop Trailer made by 
High Desert Designs

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Our very first over night bringing the Tear home,
Pismo Beach RV Park, CA 6/09/04.
This is our set up at our first Gathering, Spamorama 5, Oceanside, CA 8/22/04 This our first Earthdog Test, Nevada City, CA 8/29/04 And Deuce declares this is his domain.
Tear Emb.JPG (141434 bytes) Curtain.JPG (168335 bytes) Wheel lock.JPG (157284 bytes)  
Wear your Tear, 
on my jacket 
Embroidery by Karen Abbey,  ibecrafter@aol.com.
Towel curtain, attached with velcro strips. Stay at home device  


exterior galley.JPG (63343 bytes) Interior 3.JPG (114037 bytes) Interior 2.JPG (114078 bytes) Interior 5.JPG (99932 bytes) Interior 6.JPG (110609 bytes) a-c inside.JPG (56154 bytes)
Start here Interior Headboard shelves and support ribs. Shelves & lights Cabinets, AC on the left & storage to the right. A-C cabinet
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Inverter & storage slot under TV cabinets. TV swivels & turns to view from the galley Cabin Vent Mattress chair Chair & mattress  The Other side
tellie.JPG (63886 bytes) Porta 1.jpg (80910 bytes) Porta 2.jpg (72717 bytes) Porta -shower.JPG (69672 bytes) Porta -shower2.JPG (67415 bytes) opener.JPG (45519 bytes)
Upgrade TV

Emergency facilities

Expanded facilities Sit or shower Over 6 ft inside Emergency opener
food locker.JPG (72486 bytes) galley.JPG (66845 bytes) galley 2.JPG (68092 bytes) galley 3.JPG (75239 bytes) Full load 05.jpg (64685 bytes) still mine.JPG (134014 bytes)
Food locker under repair, lost one side Clean galley Stove set up but I cook on the food locker Galley loaded  Fill it up!!
Move it out!!

It is still all mine!
Cairn Terriers rule!

Trip from LA to Oregon and Back. 2200 Miles, May 2005
Crash 2.JPG (1312346 bytes) Crash 3.JPG (2290095 bytes) Detroit Lakes 2.JPG (2702487 bytes) Detroit Lakes 6.JPG (3228974 bytes)
Rear End Damage
Santa Maria, CA 5/10/05
New Tongue after the rear ender. Detroit Lake, OR Welcome Committee Detroit Lakes Camp set up
Detroit Lakes 7.JPG (2757486 bytes) Detroit Lakes 5.JPG (1875940 bytes) Detroit Lakes 4.JPG (2947553 bytes) Detroit Lakes 8.JPG (2623290 bytes)
Set for the evening The lake & the dogs Gin & a bit of Cheese, ahhhh. An Oregon Morning
Stop over at High Desert Design for a small repair. Merlin & Crew stopped everything to get me rolling on my way home.  Thanks, guys Merlin.JPG (41940 bytes) Bob.JPG (65133 bytes) Sorry guys, I forgot to get any decent shots of the crew.
Hines, OR Merlin  Bob Missed Dave & Jim
Juniper 2.JPG (2676592 bytes) Juniper 3.JPG (2784720 bytes) Juniper 4.JPG (2704840 bytes) Juniper.JPG (2565641 bytes)
Juniper RV Camp
Lakeview, OR
Windy, cold but loverly Desolate in May, only two other RV's Scurrying home, one mile of mud to the highway. Looking for warm.

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