What Should I Bring?


The first thing you will need is basic information about the event you plan to attend.  The best place to find events on the West Coast is the Earthe Dogge page of this website.   All West Coast tests are listed and at the bottom of each set of information you may find  msWord Premium pdf”. These are posted when they become available which often is well after the Test is listed.  You can find the identical information at the AKC Events page but they do not offer premiums.  The Events page will access other AKC events also.   Duffy's is best for Left Coast Earthdog.

The “Premium” is a document created for each test that will contain all the information you need to enter that test:  date, site location, directions,  times and fees etc, plus entry forms.

“msWord” & “pdf” refer to the computer file format of the document.  They are identical.   You should be able to download them by clicking on the appropriate word.  If you cannot download the document, there is a listing for the Test Secretary with an E-mail link and phone number.  Contact that person and ask for the premium.

 Okay, you have sent in your money (it is always usually cheaper to pre-enter), what do you need to bring along with your dog? 

1)     A crate &/or x-pen for your dog.  It can be a long wait until your dog’s turn to run.  There are lots of strange dogs about and it is helpful for you dog to have its own “sanctuary.”  This will also allow you to not be tethered to your dog the entire time.

2)     A chair for you is a good idea. 

3)     Water for both of you.  The club may have some things to share but it is best not to count on that.

4)     Food for both of you.  You may NOT take treats into the test areas but it good to have something to reward your dog later if you wish.  Some clubs have a pot-luck lunch.  You do not have to partake but you will be welcome if you do.  If you do not have food there is usually plenty there to share and some clubs will have a “donation can” out.  Put some thing in there.  In So. CA we usually have free coffee and donuts in the morning ..this is not always the case in other areas.  You may be asked to pay at those events.

5)     You will need a flat collar or slip lead for your dog.  Flexi-leads and choke collars may not be used during any of the tests.  You may use them away for the immediate test sites.

6)     Poop bags…. always, always pick up after your dog.  It is very hard to find sites that allow us to put on the tests and we do not want to give the site manager any reason for turning us away.

 Those are the basic items you should bring.  You can add anything you have room for in your vehicle.   One thing to consider is shade/protection.  Some but not all of the tests are in areas with plenty of shade.  An umbrella or pop-up canopy comes in very handy but don’t forget the things to tie it down.  Sun covers for x-opens or side curtains to keep the dogs from barking at all the canines walking past can be beneficial too.  One thing for sure, your dog will not get its usual 18 hours of napping and will go home well tired and sleep through the night.

 You will get dirty.  Don’t show up in sparkling whites, this is a dog event and they will jump up and do all the dog things to get you dirty.

 Be mindful of the weather, check ahead of time.  Earthdog tests go on no matter what the weather is.   Extreme weather can cause a cancellation but that is extremely rare.

For some areas mosquito repellant is definitely recommended and sun screen is essential for many.   Be ready for sun, rain, cold, wind or a combination of these.  Tests are usually in areas with not all the facilities you are used to.  Be prepared.  

 One thing about Earthdog, as opposed to the Show Ring, no one cares what you or your dog looks like.  Show up and have a good time.

Speaking of looking good, if you bring along your grooming kit, you might be able to get some grooming advice from others with your breed and it will give you something to do while you are waiting around.

 Remember this always:  Earthdog is about the dog, not about you. 
Remember that and you and your little buddy will have a whole lot more

This page was last updated on 07/12/10.
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